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Mimcss - TypeScript CSS Authoring Library

Mimcss is a TypeScript library that allows authoring CSS styles without creating CSS files. Instead, the styles are created via TypeScript programming. You code your styling rules including CSS classes, animations, media etc. by creating TypeScript classes. The Mimcss library processes these classes and creates the rules that are inserted into <style> elements in the <head> of your HTML document. As a result, your application or library bundle is self contained and doesn't require a separate CSS bundle.

Mimbl - Web UI Authoring Library

Mimbl is a JavaScript/TypeScript library for creating components and using them to author single page Web applications. Mimbl is a React-like library in that it uses JSX for laying out HTML elements and components; however, Mimbl brings many unique features mostly focused on update efficiency and developer convenience.

Mimurl - URL Parsing and Matching Library

Mimurl is a JavaScript/TypeScript library for parsing URLs and URL patterns and matching them. URL pattern can specify a number of fields. When an actual URL is matched against the pattern, the result will contain field values.